Modernize Your Lesson Plan Software to Improve Student Outcomes

Modernize Your Lesson Plan Software to Improve Student Outcomes

Between lack of time and unclear standards, it’s difficult for teachers to create effective, helpful, and engaging lesson plans for their students. Educators can certainly search online for lesson planning resources, but those can pose solutions pose their own set of issues when pursued without administrative oversight.

For school administrators, it’s imperative to invest in the necessary tools that will allow their staff to create lessons that not only meet state-mandated requirements, but also follow their institution’s curriculum and district-wide standards for appropriateness. An unchecked, potentially insensitive lesson plan can lead to compliance and even legal issues.

Educational technology (EdTech) provides a more efficient approach for administrators to filter out material that doesn’t meet state standards and academic curriculum. Using lesson plan software can also aid in streamlining the creation and sharing process for quality lesson plans.

With an automated solution, administrators can better support teachers and address these challenges of lesson planning. Here are two ways EdTech tools can help modernize curricula and yield successful student outcomes:

1. Streamlining Creation, Sharing, and Feedback: Administrative oversight is a crucial aspect of putting lesson plans into effect, but it can be a prolonged process that drives instructors to teaching lessons without admin feedback. Integrated software systems enable efficient lesson planning by combining data into a single dashboard that prevents multiple logjams and allows educators to collaborate, comment on, and edit lessons. Administrators can also provide their own suggestions to help round everything into form.

Set customizable templates also save teachers time and address the challenges of lesson planning. Many schools provide their educators with admin-approved templates, but automatically selecting templates for new lessons saves time and ensures quality for teachers and administrators. With quicker admin feedback on daily lesson plans, teachers can reshape curricula to enrich the student experience.

2. Align State-Mandated Standards and Curriculum: Without feedback from administrators, educators risk teaching lessons that do not align with their academic curriculum and state standards. States routinely evaluate their educational standards and may alter them to best meet the needs of students. Data collected from the automated software would include relevant content and updated state-mandated standards that ensure the accuracy of lesson plans taught to source materials.

This application of EdTech gives administrators clearer insight into the quality of the lesson plans being created while boosting data transparency and communication. The automation also enables more efficient lesson planning by verifying if schools are compliant with state-mandated standards and academic curriculum, all while helping teachers save time.

From the creation to the implementation process, these advanced EdTech solutions provide a timelier turnaround for lesson planning. At Integrate School, we’ve created an all-in-one lesson plan submission and Feedback tool that helps teachers and admins build quality curricula in less time. Our automated software helps schools face the challenges of lesson planning head-on to ensure quick feedback and improved student performance.

Are you looking for a lesson plan software that can produce these results? Visit Integrate School to schedule a meeting and learn more about how our software can help you construct quality, compliant lesson plans in less time.

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