Integrate School Meets ESSA Level of Evidence Standards Under Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

Integrate School Meets ESSA Level of Evidence Standards Under Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

Integrate Tech, Inc. leveraged third party, LearnPlatform, to build trustworthy, reliable EdTech evidence base for districts and state education organizations

New Jersey, June 6, 2022 – Integrate Tech, Inc., operating as Integrate School is a lesson planning tool that helps admins and teachers to save time on the lesson planning process by making it easier to create, share, and provide feedback to lesson plans while mapping them to state standards and curriculum, meets the Tier 4 – Demonstrates a Rationale level of evidence under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). ESSA requires federal funding and stimulus dollars to be used for “evidence-based interventions.”

Now, as a provider of a certified evidence-based intervention,  Integrate School, is among the industry leaders able to empower schools, districts and states to buy and use their solution to drive student outcomes.  Integrate School worked with LearnPlatform, leveraging their third-party Evidence-as-a-Service offering, to complete this research work. 

“We designed Integrate School to increase the quality of life for teachers by saving them time on administrative tasks, increasing teacher satisfaction and, ultimately, reducing teacher turnover,” said Maxwell Witt, Co-Founder. “Being able to show evidence to support this is tremendously valuable to our school partners, but this type of research has been difficult to produce previously. Now they can have confidence in what we do and understand how we will help them reach their goals. Having the right research partner in LearnPlatform was a key part of making it possible.” 

Given the influx of pandemic-related stimulus funds, this type of evaluation will provide K-12 schools with valuable evidence about the effectiveness of their education technology investments. Administrators can apply this evidence to inform their decisions and establish a solid foundation for sustainable, long-range financial planning.

“As the country modernizes learning during and after the pandemic, everyone needs and will benefit from rigorous, practical evaluation to provide evidence at the speed of decision-making,” said Karl Rectanus, CEO and Co-founder of LearnPlatform. “By working with LearnPlatform to build their evidence base, the Integrate team shows their commitment to aligning with ESSA and investing resources to work toward the goal of better outcomes for students and teachers.” 

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About Integrate School 

Integrate School is a leading education technology innovator, helping to improve the way schools create and implement lesson plans. Based in New Jersey, the company is ensuring higher quality lesson plans by blending educational expertise, innovative technology, and insightful creativity. Our company’s flagship product, Integrate School software, is a comprehensive lesson plan creation tool for k-12 administrators and teachers. The Software launched in the summer of 2020, the first Google Doc integrated lesson approval system, serving elementary, middle, and high schools with hundreds of users around the US. To learn more about innovative lesson planning software, please visit

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