Best Lesson Plan Management Tool in k-12 Education

Simplify the lesson planning process while saving time!

How does it work?

Create lesson plans with admin approved templates

Integrate streamlines the lesson planning process by empowering teachers and admins to easily create lesson plans with the click of a button. We integrate with Google email, Docs, and Drive to make it easy to work the way you are used to!

Admin insights into instruction to ensure quality

Admins can approve, modify, and add comments to any lesson plan submitted or shared. Teachers receive timely feedback, iterate on lesson plans, ultimately improve the quality of the student learning experience, and ensure instructional equity.

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Create a space for smarter teacher collaboration & easier lesson creation

Help your Teachers leverage the power of their professional community with the ability to create, share, and edit their lessons together. Administrators can give swift, relevant feedback on lesson plans to keep practice moving forward.

Integrate School Benefits

  • Create lesson plans with templates to save time and align instruction with scope and sequence
  • Improve instructional efficacy by quickly collaborating with colleagues and administrators
  • Administrators can quickly approve, modify, and comment on teacher lesson plans
  • Administrators can easily review and discuss lesson effectiveness with teachers and other stakeholders
  • Ensure instructional equity across the grade levels by quickly having access to lesson plans


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