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Save time, streamline communication, and simplify the lesson planning process with Integrate School.

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What do we do?

We help administrators and teachers to save time on the lesson planning process by making it easier to create, share, and provide feedback to lesson plans – while mapping them to state standards and curriculum. We ensure the quality and transparency of lessons taught which ultimately leads to significant time savings and improved student performance. We utilize strategic integrations which allow for personalized learning, single sign-on, and auto rostering which is why we are called Integrate School!

Who is Integrate School for?

1. Schools that have a lot of substitute teachers that have a hard time accessing sub plans

2. Schools that have trouble diagnosing your students understanding of state standards

3. Schools that require daily to weekly lesson approvals

4. Schools that have a lot of new or struggling teachers

5. Programs that requires lesson approvals

Integrate School Benefits

  • Create lesson plans with templates to save time and align instruction with scope and sequence
  • Improve instructional efficacy by quickly collaborating with colleagues and administrators
  • Administrators can quickly approve, modify, and comment on teacher lesson plans
  • Administrators can easily review and discuss lesson effectiveness with teachers and other stakeholders
  • Ensure instructional equity across the grade levels by quickly having access to lesson plans


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We know that too many personal hours are spent creating lesson plans, with too little data and minimal feedback.

Spend 75% less time creating lesson plans, spend more time with your students!

Get Started. It’s Easy.

Integrate is easy to download, transition to, and use because it was designed alongside the people who use it: students, teachers, and administrators. Let’s connect.

The information you provide is private and will never leave our (virtual) walls.

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